Our sales and marketing services include -

  • Determining Market Segments for medical device technologies, biometrics and medical procedure technologies, medical consumables and medical systems go-to-market strategy using corporate partners initially
  • New product go-to-market introductions and sales execution in the security/surveillance products/services, alternative energy technologies, medical device, medical procedures and medical technologies, medical/dental systems, product service and other focused, vertical markets
  • Channel partner Development through focused, successful execution
  • Alternative Segment & Partner Strategy Development of a go-to-market corporate partner strategy geared to alternative vertical markets and associated security/surveillance, alternative energy technologies, medical device developments, medical process technologies and medical/dental systems markets
  • Sales and marketing plan development to enhance top-line revenues in conjunction with chosen go-to-market corporate partners in security/surveillance/products/services, health care process/systems, medical systems/supplies, dental systems/supplies, medical devices, medical consumables, alternative energy and biometric application technology markets
  • Infrastructure development for security and fraud detection biometric services, medical devices, medical/dental product/process technologies, medical/dental systems , medical/dental consumables supplies, and alternative energy process/system.

  • We are a bottom-line focussed consultancy with a strong profit and business case orientation.

We have a winning record of focused sales and marketing successes!

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