Professional Performance and Confidentially Policy

Performance:  Synergistic Marketing will always diligently pursue to completion the services pledged to its Clients, supplying all necessary professional services, related to a CORPORATE PARTNER Go To Market Sales and Marketing Program, utilizing Synergistic’s Knowledge, Relationships, and Creative Manpower and to Synergistic’s Highest Professional Values.  As such, Synergistic pledges that its services shall be performed in a professional manner, and to the highest standards of its Client's profession and its Client's business standards.

Confidentiality. During the course of its performance, Synergistic might be exposed to and otherwise become a party to a variety of information and material relating to its Client's business and/or marketing/technical operations and/or activities, all of which we acknowledge  its Clients consider to be of a confidential and/or proprietary nature.  Synergistic indemnifies and  acknowledges that such information and material will be received, preserved, and protected as confidential and/or proprietary to its Client, and represents and warrants that it will not use, rely upon, or disclose the existence, source, content, or substance there of other than authorized by its Client.