Todd Bazzill photo

Todd Bazzill has worked in the Medical Imaging field for over 20 years. In the early 1990’s prior to his work at General Electric Medical Systems, he worked at the UCLA Radiology Department R&D group to assist in establishing the concept of a working PACS before it became a vendor solution. 

Todd transferred to UCSF to help establish the Laboratory for Radiological Informatics Lab.  The Informatics group is responsible for all aspects of medical imaging including: Networking / Security (Firewalls), PACS, post processing devices (3D), and enterprise distribution of medical imaging solutions.

He is currently  the Manager of the PACS Technologies and Support Systems at UCSF and is responsible for the operation, support, expansion, and development for Radiology’s PACS, Mammo PACS, US PACS, Enterprise distribution of medical images and the Data Centers that support these and other systems. Todd is experienced in breaking down complex problems and working with staff and vendors to find solutions.