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Synergistic Marketing, founded in 1990 by Mark Lutvak, is a successful, growing and profitable sales and marketing contracting firm and consultancy. We are dedicated to serving Small Emerging businesses that own or possess Medical Technology or Medical Device IP. We support our clients with a go-to-market strategy that takes advantage of our extensive network of medical industry companies as well as our extensive list of contacts who are our Corporate Partners.

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Medical Technology and Device News Title

  • December 20, 2019:

    Neuronoff Inc. has developed an injectable flexible electrode to replace rigid electrodes, which do not mesh well with soft tissues, used in neuromodulation therapy. Administered as a liquid, the “injectrodes” offer a lower cost and less invasive alternative to traditional implantable neuromodulation devices. The new material forms a flexible bolus when injected as a liquid, cures around a target nerve and serves as an electrically conductive interface that is orders of magnitude less stiff than conventional neuromodulation electrodes.Full Story

  • December 18, 2019:

    University of Colorado Boulder has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based app called delta Mental Status Estimate (dMSE), which categorizes a patient’s mental health status by asking patients a series of questions, telling a short story, completing a series of touch and swipe motor skills tasks and asked to listen to and repeat a story. It uses this information to rate the patient’s mental state.Full Story

  • December 15, 2019:

    Kao Corporation, a Japanese cosmetics manufacturer has developed spray-on artificial skin using fine fiber technology. Although the artificial spray-on skin is currently marketed as a cosmetics product, behaving as a moisturizer and potentially as a concealer, hiding blemishes, bruises, scars and moles, for instance, the Kao Corporation envisions that the fine fiber technology could find future use cases in the medical field. For instance, the fine fiber technology might be used in wound healing, to conceal burn or post operation scars or as an invisible medical patch.Full Story

  • December 14, 2019:

    Modern surgical devices have extremely demanding and exact motion requirements. Portescap has published a white paper titled “Meet Your Surgical Device Design Goals with Miniature Brushless DC Motors” to help designers select the best motor for their surgical application. Portescap is a manufacturer of miniature Brushless DC (both slotted and slotless), Brush DC, Stepper, and linear actuator motors, as well as related components such as gearheads, encoders, and controllers.Full Story

  • December 10, 2019:

    One of the most promising areas of regenerative medicine is the nascent field of bioprinting: the manufacture of human organs from scratch. Cellink has previously created the first 3D bioprinted cornea. A breakthrough came in April this year when a team of scientists from Israel unveiled what they said was the first 3D-printed heart, made from human tissue. About the size of a cherry, it had blood vessels, ventricles and chambers.Full Story

  • December 9, 2019:

    Researchers from Caltech, Peking University in China, Santa Clara University, and University of California, Los Angeles have developed a new wearable sensor that can detect gout-causing compounds in sweat. The device relies on novel laser-engraved chemical sensors to detect gout-causing compounds uric acid and tyrosine at concentrations much lower than previously possible.Full Story