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Synergistic Marketing, founded in 1990 by Mark Lutvak, is a successful, growing and profitable sales and marketing contracting firm and consultancy. We are dedicated to serving Small Emerging businesses that own or possess Medical Technology or Medical Device IP. We support our clients with a go-to-market strategy that takes advantage of our extensive network of medical industry companies as well as our extensive list of contacts who are our Corporate Partners.

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Medical Technology and Device News Title

  • April 14, 2018:

    Rice University students have developed a 3D printed pad with 180 microneedles on its bottom side as an add-on to external defibrillators. This device improves the delivery of current toward the heart, potentially resulting in higher chances of rescuing patients while causing little to no harm to the skin. Full Story

  • April 14, 2018:

    Many patients suffering from diabetes and diabetic neuropathy are prone to having foot ulcers that can be remarkably difficult to manage. The Siren Diabetic Socks monitor the temperature of the feet and if there’s an unusual increase, as from an injury, they let the patient know thanks to embedded temperature sensors which communicate via Bluetooth to the patient’s smartphone. Full Story

  • April 2, 2018:

    IrisVision, a medtech company based in California, have developed a low-cost visual aid system for people with low vision. The system uses the Samsung Gear VR headset and captures the scene using the smartphone’s camera. It then remaps the scene to enhance its visibility for those with low vision. This scene enhancement is performed using multiple algorithms developed for various eye conditions.Full Story

  • March 27, 2018:

    The ability to sense the spatial position and movements of one’s own body (kinesthetic sense) is critical for limb use. Because prostheses do not provide physical feedback during movement, amputees may not feel that they are in control of their bodily movements (sense of agency) when manipulating a prosthesis. A recent paper shows how instilling a kinesthetic sense in amputees, allows them to control prosthetic hand movements in the absence of visual feedback. Full Story

  • March 25, 2018:

    The high cost of modern stethoscopes remains a significant barrier to physicians and allied health professionals practicing in the developed word and in low- and middle-income countries, where few affordable high-quality options exist. In this article, the authors describe the construction and validation of a low cost, Free/open access 3D printed acoustic stethoscope—referred to here as the ‘Glia model’. Full Story

  • March 23, 2018:

    The FDA granted Medtronic its approval for a small wireless device, the Guardian Sensor 3, it's attached to the skin, which takes regular blood samples to test for sugar levels, transmitting the readings to the patient’s smartphone. It’s intended for diabetes patients between 14 and 75 years of age that tend to get multiple daily insulin injections. Full Story

  • March 22, 2018:

    A team of engineers and physicians has developed a wearable, non-invasive system to monitor electrical activity in the stomach over 24 hours using a 3D printed portable box connected to 10 small wearable electrodes which were tested on 11 children and one adult volunteer. They found that data collected was comparable to currently available invasive techniques. “This will help us determine if the stomach is functioning properly - when patients are experiencing symptoms such as nausea and belly pain,” said Dr. David Kunkel, one of the paper’s co-authors and a gastroenterologist at UC San Diego Health. Full Story