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Synergistic Marketing, founded in 1990 by Mark Lutvak, is a successful, growing and profitable sales and marketing contracting firm and consultancy. We are dedicated to serving Small Emerging businesses that own or possess Medical Technology or Medical Device IP. We support our clients with a go-to-market strategy that takes advantage of our extensive network of medical industry companies as well as our extensive list of contacts who are our Corporate Partners.

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Medical Technology and Device News Title

  • July 5, 2018:

    ExplORer Surgical works by creating step-by-step “workflows” for each member of the surgical team. In short, explains CEO Jennifer Fried, the platform “is a digital guide designed to lead a surgical team through complex procedures.” The workflows are customized for specific procedures and teams, and they delineate a step-by-step process for every team member, thereby minimizing ambiguities, missed steps, and subsequent mistakes or delays. Full Story

  • July 3, 2018:

    ActivArmor, based in Colorado, offers a range of 3D-printed casts and splints. The customized casts are breathable and water-proof, and can be made to either be fixed in place, or removable, as required. They are designed to be comfortable and can reduce the skin irritation associated with conventional casts by minimizing sweat build-up and allowing patients to wash the casted area. Patients wearing the new casts report that they can complete a greater range of activities during their recovery, including swimming.Full Story

  • June 25, 2018:

    Vascular stents are some of the most commonly implanted medical devices, keeping millions of arteries open to uninterrupted blood flow. Though they tend to work well at first, too many get plaque deposits and scar tissue often forms in the vicinity, blocking blood flow through the stent. Researchers at University of British Columbia have developed a vascular stent that has a built-in sensor for measuring blood flow and a radio antenna to transmit the readings to an external device. The technology doesn’t require any changes in implantation procedures and should be applicable to be integrated into existing stents. Dr. York Hsiang, a UBC professor of surgery and a vascular surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital, noted “Putting a smart stent in place of a standard one can enable physicians to monitor their patient’s health more easily and offer treatment, if needed, in a timely manner.”Full Story

  • June 18, 2018:

    Loss of hearing results in a decreased quality of life. While hearing aids generally improve hearing by about one-half of the loss, they face significant barriers to use, including discomfort, insurance reimbursement issues, social stigmatization, inability to adapt to new technology, and lack of motivation. Eltima Software is reducing the barrier to use by implementing a tele-health protocol to allow patients with hearing aids to be reprogrammed and adjusted remotely, saving them from a trip to an audiologist.Full Story

  • June 15, 2018:

    EarlySense is an Israeli-based company and a market leader in the field of real-time, contact-free health monitoring systems. EarlySense systems were initially developed for use in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. These systems wirelessly and continuously monitor patient vital signs while also providing information that maximizes patient safety by helping prevent falls and the formation of pressure ulcers. Full Story